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You are managing a team and you want to help them become agiler, embrace disruption and increase creativity and productivity. Reach out to discuss...

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High Performance in the Digital Age

Hello, I am Michael Alf

My mission is to help already successful corporate professionals to survive and thrive in the Digital Age so they can lead better and have a greater positive impact.
I see so much “unused” potential because people are stuck, don’t play full out or don’t know how to get to the next level of High Performance.
Imagine, we unleash this potential! How much positive impact can be created for the world, your family and the people around you.
This is why I do what I do!

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What Clients Are Saying


It was a pleasure listening to you and what really stood out for me was that the digital journey is not just outside but also inside every individual.
It got me thinking if I am fully ready for it? I certainly have to work on myself and be the change that I expect to see.
Thank you again for your advice
Hope to see you again


The best take away for me was the Scrum idea. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Mehdi A

Michael certainly knows how to make things simple & get to the heart of the matter, his presentation at Siemens DigiLab2017 provided a simple structure to take the complex tasks we deal with every day & make them a little easier to manage.. If you have the chance to work with Michael.. grab it!!

Don Cook

Great to listen to Michael Alf from KPMG at the Siemens Digilab 2.0 today. He makes you think and that is a powerful thing that I realise I don't do enough. Watch his Podcasts and do some thinking.

Andrew Seal

Michael was one of the easiest people on our team. He was at every meeting - online, offline, Skype. He was also always offering new innovative ways how to do things.

Caroline ShawCEO Global Success Events

“I was all ready to launch my book “The Productivity Zone” and had set a goal to be a bet seller on that day. I got in touch with Michael and he helped me to make that happen. Based on his expertise and experience he was able to support me to get to a #1 status in two categories in Amazon. This obviously makes a huge difference in my positioning in the market and I would like to thank Michael for helping me to becoming a #1 Best-Selling author.”

Penny Zenker

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HPDA Whack Pack Episode 1
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