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Welcome to the “Disciplined Disruption Podcast”. As a host I am honoured to interview leading minds in the area of disruption and personal transformation.

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Podcast Feedback

By the way, am following your podcasts really enjoying it! Great job!

Peter SowreyManagement Consultant

The future is changing so quickly and we have to be prepared to think outside the norm and disrupt what we are used to. Thanks Michael both you and your guests are full of such knowledge.

munmun5 (iTunes)

I just listened to Ep 1 & 2 of Michael Alf's new podcast series: Disciplined Disruption.I couldn't stop taking notes! There is so much truth and relevance in his podcasts - it is off the charts. I love how he cuts through the cheese and gets straight to the point. Jay Samit - he must be kidding us! He is a genius in disruption and he starts with him? Absolutely awesome stuff.
@all: listen to this Ep.2 of Michael's podcast and get a free workbook from Jay Samit - NOW!

Markus KeiperHead of Global Marketing & Globalisation Initiatives Airbus Group