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Once upon a time, careers in the corporate world were quite predictable and steady.

Every day, you made sure you delivered what was expected from you, over-delivered in relevant areas and built networks within the organisation.

One day, digital disruption came along. Because of that, companies like Nokia, Blackberry, Blockbusters, Kodak and many more disappeared almost over night.

And because of that, career became far more uncertain and risky. Old behaviours stopped working or didn’t deliver the results and the past progress.

Until finally, “High Performance in the Digital Age” surfaced. I have developed this Framework to address today’s needs for high performance. It’s kinda like a stack for your computer or smartphone with an operating system (the High Performance), the application layer (called Disciplined Disruption) and then on top your individual projects.

Watch the overview video below!

And depending on where you need the most support, you can start there. Have a look, and I look forward to working together.

Download the HPDA Path Graphic which guides you through where you might get started with me!

When you need to get “the basics” right and need to become a High Performer, check out “High Performance Coaching”.

When you need to focus on your digital literacy, your path clarity and your personal agility, check out the Executive Relaunch Program.

When you just need to become agiler in your approach, check out the agile-based personal productivity program.

And when you want to stay up-to-date about the latest books from the areas of Digital Disruption and Personal Transformation, the IBC Book Club is for you! It’s where I pick the best books, summarise one per month and give you a powerful 1-page summary with specific tips to you can get started. Check out the video I put together.

I look forward to working with you!


Download the graphic on the left (just click to download) which guides you through where you might get started with me!

Want more success, happiness, passion and energy?

When you want to go to the next level and become a high performer or perform even higher in whatever you do, apply for a free strategy session. Find out more in this short video by clicking on the logo to the left. You can download a questionnaire in PDF form and fill it out. Then send it to Of course, you will receive the instructions via email too.
I will review your input and get back to you about the call.

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Do you consider a career transition and are not fully comfortable in the Digital Age?

Today’s marketplace and circumstances have dramatically changed. Digital literacy and a good understanding of the impact and opportunities of digital on your career is critically important for almost any career move.
Set-up a free call to see if the Executive Relaunch Program is right for you.

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Want to learn more about agile and increase your own agility?

Everybody talks about agile and scrum, but hardly anyone really applies it and uses it on a consistent basis.
Why not start with yourself, increase your personal productivity and learn along the way how Agile really works.

Check out the agile based personal productivity program by clicking the image left.

Want to get the highlights of the best books from the areas of Digital Disruption and Personal Transformation?

I am reading lots of books every month, and I pick the top 12 each year to summarise and share them.
You receive specific implementation tips, so it’s not only about learning but about doing!
Check it out. A start is completely risk-free!

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