About Michael

Over the course of his long career, Michael has filled executive roles in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Additionally, he has a tremendous digital history. He began performing interactive virtual summits with thousands of people as early as 2015, and he took everything he knew and translated it to a book (Virtual Summit Formula). After 10 years in Australia, he returned for a while to Europe where he worked on various Digital Transformation projects for major organisations.

In addition to this, he started coaching selective clients as a certified High Performance Coach. He combined the research and insights of the High Performance Institute with his own experiences in the Digital Age to make it highly relevant for today’s world. His clients are executives or former executives who want to succeed in the Digital Age either in a corporate career or an own career leveraging the vast digital opportunities.

Via the introduction of his latest business, New World Events, he's leveraging the learning he acquired from the many online and hybrid events to deliver world-class digital events for his customers.

He is also watching the demand for emerging potential technologies. As such, Michael is an involved participant in the VR/AR space, as a member of Germany's VR Business Club and the VR/AR Association where he is the lead for the Community of Practice Events. Finally, he is a keynote speaker himself, so he knows events from all angels.

Michael has been married for 25 years and is currently a Digital Nomad.